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Sea Miracle Super Food

An Exclusive All Natural Blend of 7 Sea Vegetables

A simple whole food containing every nutrient your body needs, Sea Miracle is made only of distilled water and our proprietary blend of 7 specific, naturally-harvested Sea Vegetables.

Our formulation is 100% vegan and highly concentrated for optimum absorption. It can be enjoyed directly under the tongue or mixed in your favorite food or beverage. The convenient four-ounce bottle contains a pre-measured dropper for the perfect serving every time. Two servings a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, that's it... Nature will take care of the rest.
  • "I tried Sea Miracle as a general supliment to our existing diet. An unexpected result was less snacking durring the day. Is my body getting the additional nurishment that it needs from Sea Miracle? I don't know..but I like it!"
    -Sheila C., California
  • "I honestly can't list all of the benefits I've seen since starting with Sea Miracle. It is amazing to me and every person I hand it to how so much benefit can be so simple and in such a little bottle!"
    -Greg M, California
  • "Our daughter simply loves Sea Miracle, Natural Berry. Though she does not know it by name, she make sure every morning to remind us to give her 'her vitamins'.
    -Lisa, California
Sea Miracle - OriginalOriginal Flavor
Made only of distilled water and our proprietary blend of 7 Sea Vegetables, our Original flavor offers a hint of the ocean but is nearly tasteless when mixed in a beverage.
Sea Miracle - Natural BerryNatural Berry Flavor
Formulated the same as our Original, Natural Berry is flavored with natural berry juice and subtly sweetened with stevia. The perfect hint of flavor to accompany a drab bottle of water.
Sea Miracle - PetsSea Miracle Pet
Our pet product is formulated with all the nutrition needed to help your pet sustain a healthy diet and a shiny coat. Simply add it to their food or water.
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